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Keyonya & Shayla

Her Eminence Founders

Her Eminence mission is to remind you that you are Royalty and should treat your body as such! 

We do this by providing affordable, natural & organic products made to heal, beautify, and inspire you to take a holistic approach to your wellness - inside & out. 

We incorporate the rich, seductive benefits of Honey to heal and make you feel SEXE'

#SelfCare is of the ultimate importance, so treat yourself like Royalty!

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OMG! These products are amazing!!! Scrub left my skin fresh and exfoliated. The Sweet Honey Set is everything. I love it!

Melanie S.
Sweet Honey Set

This is the BEST Product I have ever used on my face and body! Real organic sugars and the oil in this product is fantastic! I recommend this product to everyone; it's the Best scrub I have ever used! It literally smells sooo GOODDD, I’m smelling it right now as I type this! Lol. This was a complete dream to use on my body because it instantly turned my skin baby soft and makes me smell delicious. Will be ordering more!

Naomi H.
CoCoMint Sugar Scrub

Girlllll let me tell you!!! Ya'll need a Grammy!

 My husband couldn't stop complimenting me on how tasty the box was. He said it tasted like pie.

 On top of that I feel super amazing. Thank you ladies, I'll be back.

Ramona J
The Queen's Tea

I was 36 and started having constant breakouts on my cheeks. Every time I would break out it would leave scarring/hyper-pigmentation . I was trying EVERYTHING and nothing was helping. I was so distraught. But then I discovered Her Eminence Sexe!! I'm telling you its been a life saver!! My skin has improved dramatically and I am beyond pleased with the results

Toi A
Turmeric Lemon Set